Electroencephalogram (EEG)

What to Know:
A standard EEG records the electical impulses in your brain. This test is relatively similar to the AMB EEG, however the standard EEG will be recording for a 20 minute period. You will be asked to breathe deeply and rapidly for a few minutes or otherwise known as hyperventilation.

Why It’s Ordered:
There will be small, metal discs placed on the scalp which will show brain waves to determine if the patterns are abnormal or not. This will detect or rule out such conditions as epilepsy, stroke, brain tumor, or others.

How to Prepare:
Wash your hair the night before you are scheduled. You will be advised to have clean, dry hair-free of any hair product the day you do your procedure.

You will be asked to go to bed later than usual and wake up earlier than usual. This will help you go into a awake and drowsy state.



What to Know:
Electromyogram (EMG) measures the electrical activity of muscles at rest and during contraction. Nerve conductive studies (NCV) measure how well and how fast the nerves can send electrical signals. If you have pain or numbness, you may have these tests to find out how much your nerves are being affected.

Why It’s Ordered:
An EMG is ordered to find the cause of weakness, paralysis, or muscle twitching. It is also used to find diseases that damage muscle tissue, nerves, or the junctions between nerve and muscle.

A nerve conductive study is used to find damage to the peripheral nervous system, which includes all the nerves that lead away from the brain and spinal cord and the smaller nerves that branch out from those nerves.

How to Prepare:
Take a shower the night before your procedure. Do not apply any lotions, oils, or cream for your skin.

Be sure to bring either a short sleeve or shorts (depending on what limbs are being tested) so we have the access to that area so it can be tested.


What To Expect

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