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About Centennial Neurology

At Centennial Neurology, we pride ourselves in the safest and highest quality care for our patients. Our mission is to provide compassionate, collaborative, quality care and to improve the health of our Las Vegas community. Christopher Milford, M.D. and the staff of Centennial Neurology are dedicated to be the best medical support system for each individual patient.

Having a clear understanding of neurological conditions is very important. Our staff recognizes that and are determined in making questions or concerns you have much easier to ask. They strive to be readily available to you at your convenience.

After committing his life to neurology and spending 11 years in clinical practice, Christopher Milford, M.D. still holds great interest in this field and continues to devote his life to treating and managing a wide range of neurology needs.

Contact Centennial Neurology where we care about giving you the best quality life possible. We respect and are passionate about everything you need!

Christopher Milford, M.D.

Welcome to our office! I am honored that you are considering our practice for your medical needs. I am proud of what we are doing at Centennial Neurology.

I have devoted my life to the field of neurology, and I have no regrets. It is something that fascinates me to this day, even after 14 years in clinical practice.

We have a wonderful staff of intelligent, hard-working, and compassionate people, and we will do everything we can to accurately diagnose and treat your condition, while giving you the respect you deserve.

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